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User Agreement Review
!!! STOP !!!


You *MUST* register with your -

1. FULL first and last names! Here's an example: your full name is John Doe, therefore you will enter JOHN DOE as your first and last names. J DOE is unacceptable and your registration will be locked.

2. If you live in the United States you must provide the STATE that you reside in. Get it? The US STATE that you live in. Here's an example: you live in Houston, Texas, therefore your location is TEXAS or HOUSTON TEXAS - entering just HOUSTON will fail your registration. Entering just USA would also freeze your registration.

3. If you live outside of the USA, provide your country name.
Here's an example: you live in Paris, France. Your location of residence would be FRANCE ... entering just PARIS would would terminate your registration.

4. REGISTER ONLY ONCE - If you reigster more than once you will be banned from Trad Gang.


NOTE: The login and public names you choose to register with at Trad Gang cannot be changed! Choose wisely!

Tradgang.com is 100% totally devoted to traditional bowhunting. The 3 goals of Tradgang.com are as follows ...

1. To offer a free public access website for those that love the sport of hunting with traditional archery equipment - i.e., selfbows, longbows, and recurves.

2. To create a friendly atmosphere to all. Dedicated to the discussion of all topics that relate to traditional bowhunting.

3. To offer methods of sharing contact information and site links for traditional archery manufacturers, vendors, services and organizations - good folks that have their hearts and souls poured into the sport.

Expect to be respected if you decide to join the gang, because the rule of respect is held highest of the few rules that apply. Tradgang.com has a zero tolerance for disrespect directed to anyone in the gang. If you want to disagree, then please do so in an adult manner. Debate is healthy, as one sword sharpens another, but it must be done in an honorable fashion.

All the Tradgang members must be registered to post. Other than the agreement to the rules of fair play, that's about it. Traditional bowhunting topics will only be allowed. We reserve the right to remove any threads or posts that are not on topic.

A. Please treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy you expect from others, no matter how difficult that may be. There will be no flaming, hate, politics, religion, sex, sports or drug discussions here. There will be NO discussion of non-trad archery hunting weapons such as guns, compound bows, etc.

B. Unless authorized by Trad Gang Admin - no commercial ads or links to commercial sites, no third party selling or trading, no offsite listings or links to eBay or other auction sites, no links to other archery forums.

C. Blatant topic thread or post advertising, and any form of "working the board" for business will not be tolerated.

D. Unless approved by admin, there will be no posting of unauthorized raffles, benefits, auctions, contests, etc. Currently, the only events that are officially endorsed by Trad Gang are the St. Judes, PBS and Comptons.

E. No external web links are allowed in Member signatures unless you are a Trad Gang Sponsor.

F. Failure to follow Trad Gang rules may get your topic, or post, OR REGISTRATION, removed or suspended!

G. Failure to enter your Real Full Name (first and last) during registration will lead to your registration suspension!

H. Failure to enter the US state, or country, that you reside in will lead to your registration suspension!

I. Do not create a public name that is longer than 24 characters - nor can a public name be a business or organization name, or pseudo communications link of any type (web address, email address, phone number, street address, etc.)

J. ALL public posts are the property of THE PUBLIC - whatever you post in the form of text, images, audio and video has public domain ownership, under the guardianship of Trad Gang Administration.


NOTE: if you post an image wider than 640 pixels we reserve the right to delete it!

NOTE: The email address you use to register with will be the email address that the Trad Gang system will send your access password to as soon as your registration has been approved - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE DURING REGISTRATION, and make sure your system is not blocking email from www.TradGang.com!


You will receive email notification of approval.

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