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Author Topic: Wool hunting clothing????
Trad Bowhunter
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Day One w/windstopper, firstlite, filson and smartwool. I would stay away from blends personally, wool does the best job alone and the synthetics only hinder what mother nature made as a near perfect winter gear. Just my .02 cents.

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I have heavy wool military pants, a bunch of lambswool sweaters from Goodwool, and an Asbell pullover. I stay toasty and dry!


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I have filson, sleeping indian, pendleton, smartwool longjohns, cabela's windshear sweater. I personally love filson wool clothing, from pants to jackets, the stuff wears like iron, but when the wind blows you cant beat the cabelas windshear wool sweater, worth its weight in gold, also smartwool thermals with a smartwool neck-gaitor is the key to my outfit. Hope this helps.
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Trad Bowhunter
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I have Pendelton,Browning,Cabelas and Columbia. Each one has a certain application depending on the temperature and conditons out. I do know that with wool on my movement is almost silent, but early in the season when I wear cotton my movement in the stand is almost immediately noticed by animals and walking in to me sounds like I'm rattling cans compared to wool! Ben

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I used the columbia coat and pants for several years and I liked it for warmth but didn't like the bulk of it. I bought some KOM pants and a bowhunter jacket off of the classifieds here and I'm really impressed with it. The KOM is alot less bulky and I'm pretty surprised at how much warmer it is. I think you really do get what you pay for, but at the same time the columbia is a good alternative if you want to save some $$. Then again, if you average out the price to comfort and durability over years and years I think it's worth it.
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Recurve50 LBS
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I own both of Ron Le Clairs Longhunter shirts. I layer my clothing starting with long johns, sock liners, wool socks, fleece lined pants, a wool sweater or a hoody sweatshirt. Over that I can wear my Gatlin Wool bibs, 100 below rated Sorel boots, Both of the Longhunter shirts and a watch cap for my head. This setup keeps me plenty warm when it gets cold and windy here in North Jersey. If I need to I'll wear my Gatlin Wool coat over everything I listed.

Just remember to wear less when you are hiking into your stand and then add layers as needed when you start cooling off.

I used a lot of this layering system while deer hunting here in the early mornings when the temp was in the upper teens. But I didn't need to wear every layer that I listed. I was comfy wearing the heavy longhunter shirt over a wool sweater and longjohns and my wool bibs.

How cold does N. Carolina get? I've never been there.

Larry W.

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Not cold enough. Deer season is over this weekend. Probably the coldest this year is maybe high 20's.

Caleb Chambers
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So much good has been talked about wool it almost needs it's own forum. Never had any wool until Woodchucker hooked me up with my sweaters. Than it was Justin charles wool longunderwear. Than i got ahold of a heavy wool longhunter shirt and love it. But when it is really cold have to layer up heavy. This past month i got a Dayone wool parka that is insulated with windstopper. I figured it would be too bulky. But i been wearing it shooting and it is not bulky at all. I wore it one day in 20 something degrees and 25 mile hour wind with very bad windchill. Nothing on under it but a tshirt and it is the warmest coat i ever had.

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The European populations always depended on whools,same for the best climbers that are been over the peaks of the top Mountain around the world up to 30,000 feet.They have just the outer shell of sintetic.I use different layers of whool under my King of the Mountain Jacket.Why KOM and not a cheaper one? Because it has some features that other don't carry.Double, padded, elbows,double layer on back and shoulders to protect from rain,very low profile pockets and tight sleeves to don't interfer with your bowstring.Same for the pant build for sit in the snow with out getting wet.The overall quality of the fabric is top level too.

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Originally posted by jonsimoneau:
My system right now is ulfrotte long underwear underneath some Sleeping Indian pants and jacket, and I can sit in cold temperatures. try to wear wool clothing over cotton shirts or cotton long underwear. DONT do this! The two fabrics are only fighting each other. Get yourself some Ulfrotte longunderwear, and put this under your outer layer. You will stay toasty warm!

Ulfrotte,Worth it's weight in gold!

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Dave Pagel
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Ulfrotte is plain warm. I love the stuff.


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Look at Filson wool.well made.very warm.

TGMM Family of the Bow

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Trad Bowhunter
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Filson socks at $25 a pair will hike you farther, keep your feet warmer and last forever. The high quality Marino wool is amazing. With these socks, a set of their long johns and a good shell you can outlast anything else I've tried, sitting still or hiking hard...IMHO

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Walt Francis
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My advice is to buy wool, buy quality the first time and only spend the money once.

I went the thrift store route with wool for a few years but found it bulky, it didn't block the wind well, and most important it didn’t keep me warm. Flat out it didn’t keep me warm when I needed it the most, while sitting on a tree stand in Montana from November through January when it is -10 to -40 and the wind blowing between 5 and 30 mph. I broke down and bought some Hidden Wolf when it first came out around 1998 and have since replaced all my cheap, Umm….I mean inexpensive thrift store, wool since then. My favorite wool is Gray/Hidden Wolf because of the tight weave, weight, fit (it is designed for bowhunting and not as bulky as KOM), and patterns (predator & plaid). After Gray Wolf I prefer King of the Mountain, Sleeping Indian, Swandri (when I can find it), and Filson. Like most people, the retail price for wool clothing from these companies is beyond my budget. Heck, you could pay for a good out of state hunt for the price of pants, shirt, and jacket. It took several years but I eventually found all the wool I wanted/needed, either in the classifieds here or at the auction site, for my self imposed price limit of 50% of retail. Yeah, I know, that is still a lot of money for most of us, especially for used clothing, and it took several years to get everything, but I have never regretted spending the time or money. Also, if you buy it used and are not satisfied with it, re-sell it on the classifieds and get you money back.

There is clothing made from synthetic materials out there but all that I have seen or tried has at least one, if not two big draw backs, they are noisy and/or bulky. I haven’t found anything warmer, while sitting a late season tree stand, then a quality snow mobile suit. However, it is also was the most bulky and noisiest clothing I have worn while hunting. It didn’t work very well. I have friends who hunt late season in the latest synthetic hunting gear, and they swear by it, until the temperature drops below zero, then they are wearing their KOM, SI, HW, or Filson in the tree stands to stay warm. Another comment they make is that the other stuff “makes to much noise”.

One note, this recommendation is for sitting or little movement when hunting, if you will be exerting yourself other types of wool work fine. For example, when hunting mountain lions, unless it is below -20, I wear a $5.00 pair of European military wool pants because my KOM’s and GW’s are too hot while chasing hounds around the mountains. However, the military pants need to be replaced every year or two where the others have lasted for ten years and have at least another ten or twenty years of use left in them.

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Walt Francis

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I have had great luck lately at Goodwill,nobody seems to want wool. I got two LL Bean sweaters and a Pendleton shirt all for less than 8 bucks.
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