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Author Topic: Is it just about the kill.
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If its just about the kill, then your really missing out.


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Now that's what I'm talking about! [Big Grin] The Journey is the thing. The cold, the heat, the no seeums, the rain, the trek through the woods. The knee deep mud. The heart in the throat moment,the release and the long moments before you know if you have made a good hit or a miss. Campfire's with friends. Seeing your kids and grankids take their first animal, either deer or squirrel, or what have you. These are the moments you live for, this is why you are a Traditional Hunter.

As was said at the beginning by Terry Green. The chase is the thing. [archer] [coffee]

"When Bows shoot faster than 300 fps it ain't called Bowhunting no more!"

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I am with Terry,"The Chase". If every story I ever heard or told about hunting was only about the kill they would be pretty short stories,In fact I would personally only have about half the stories to tell.
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I think if you read this thread it will give some good views on what we think about Traditional Archery

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I've been at it for more than 4 decades. I love to see mature antlered white-tail deer and I love even more to take them home with me --doesn't happen much. However, I've always gotten a huge kick out of the scouting and figuring things out (or not). I'm fortunate to be invited to hunt with some folks in big deer locations -- I rarely accept the invites though because I enjoy doing my own scouting. A scouting job that results in a high percentage shot is very satisfying to me.

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It's supposed to be hard. That's why lots of us do it. Taking an animal is icing on the cake. I have as much fun stump shooting when not hunting as I do hunting (almost!). To me, it's not just about the killing, but as Terry put it so well, it's the Chase.

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It's the whole thing, but bottom line is you can't eat a tag. So.... I guess killing is a bit necessary if you are hunting for meat. My kids and wife want me to bring home food and I need to greatly improve in that area.
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I have been laughed at 3 times when I brought my Hill bow out. Once when I went pheasant hunting with my brother-in-laws, and I got the first kill of the day and they shut up. 2nd time when we went out for an early goose season here in Michigan, and 5 birds (2 on the fly and 3 once landed) later I had 6 other guys wondering how the hell I just did that (I am gratefull they let me shoot first), and the last time was out on Lake St. Clair, and at 20 yards I took the tail feathers off of a flying teal. All of this is in the last 5 years, now no one laughs, they all just want to watch. To me, it is just about being out there and having fun. There are days too that I have used every arrow in my quiver on deer coming thu, that after shooting the last one, I climbed down and went home. I took it as a sign to go to bed. LOL
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Yukon Chuck said it best!!!! great post Charles
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I am just happy when it all comes together.Buck or doe.I have never shot a wallhanger and I would be thrilled to but I consider myself fortunate just to walk out the door and bowhunt.I do however respect those who consistently shoot large mature animals.Those who do their homework.glen
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Hunting is a part of me, down to my core. I have slowly moved from rifles to shotguns to muzzleloaders to compound bows...now the recurve for the first time this year. It is NOT about the kill for me, although the reason I hunt is to kill. The hard work I put in and my passion for bowhunting is what drives me into the woods. I absolutely love it! I have always been a pretty much loner hunter, enjoying the woods by my lonesome. But that is slowly changing as I age....I must give back to the woods by helping others in their endeavors. If I don't do as well in the woods each fall, yet I help others fulfill their goals, then I am a happy man.
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Come on guys Your not a real man ( or woman ) or real hunter if you dont get a 140 + rack each and everytime you go out . Just look at all the shows and adds.
If it was just for the sport , or chase , or stalk , or meat then WHY DO WE HAVE ANTLER RESTRICTIONS ?????????. OH sorry don't forget that does are ONLY in the woods to be culled so we can get to the correct doe to buck ratio. So they are just there to be killed off.
Im so sick of todays mental attitude toward SHOOTING game NOT HUNTING .

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Originally posted by Ragnarok Forge:
It is about the voyage, not the destination.

One of my favorite philosophies.

Sometimes the journey leads to a kill. Some times it does not, but I am always out there eager to see what is over the next ridge or around the next corner of life.


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Mankind has hunted throughout our existence in order to survive. Just like procreation and eating, we have been genetically programmed to enjoy the act because it gives us the increased motivation to engage in it more often and more vigorously to help us survive. Of course, the killing and eating of the meat of our prey is what originally drove the development of our biological sense of enjoyment, but even without the need to hunt, we have retained the pleasure of the activity. I intend to fulfill those ancient pleasures for as long as I am able, and I feel no shame in my predatory behavior.


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I get a little frustrated when I read folks on here say that, "a mature hunter is one that does not care about JUST killing"... [Frown]


Then why take a bow into the woods? Take a camera... [saywhat]

I want to fill every tag every year. If that makes me immature...I appologize.

I believe that a "mature hunter" is a person that learns, grows, and appreciates the experience; WHILE learning why he/she did not harvest then make every effort to improve his/her skills so that the next outting is a success and harvest is possible!! [archer]

I hunt alot with a compound because I like to harvest and frankly becuase it CALMS ME DOWN (I get deer fever big time!!) [banghead]

BUT, I still hunt this recurves/longbows because I enjoy the challenge and effort it takes to get that close. However I do not feel like I am effecient enough to hunt deer yet, and I DO NOT want to wound deer...so I wont till I get better and trust I will not miss as 6 yards for the third time (Yes...you read that right).

Anyway, YES...I am all about the KILL!! That is the pinnicle...but I dont turn away if it dosent happen.



GEN 27:3 (its in the BIBLE!!)

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