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Posted by nek4me (Member # 44724) on :
What do Brownies have to do with Deer Hunting?

It's a long story - but here goes....
Back in 1985 a friend lent me Larry Benoit's "How to Bag the Biggest Buck of Your Life" which came out 10 years earlier. In it he mentions his wife Iris makes him extra rich Brownies he takes to the woods for energy while tracking big bucks and in the back lists her recipe and since then I have been making Benoit Brownies for 32 years.

In 1999 my wife and I went to N. VT for a few days for our 25th anniversary and she said if I can find Larry I can buy a knife from him. Based on references and pictures in the book about the Benoits that came out a year earlier I found him at home and he graciously invited me in to see the Deer Hunting Museum that was his living room. We talked for a while and I bought a knife and he signed my book.

A year later I took the friend to Larry's house and this time Iris was home. Since I had already had the tour I left the friend with Larry and sat at the kitchen table talking with Iris and mentioned I had been making her Brownies for 15 years at that point which she got a kick out of. These have been a tradition in our deer camp for a long time.

So up for bid is a batch of Benoit Brownies that are the richest and most dense you can get and still call them Brownies. It will be 24 pieces about 2x2" as in the picture and walnuts are optional. I will cover shipping to Conus.




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To heck with the diet! $20.00.
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I tried for the whoopie pie, but these will make a fine substitution!
$ 50
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Originally posted by Hermon:

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Payment received, thanks!

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