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Posted by Eric Krewson (Member # 229) on :
I am getting too old to use lock-on stands anymore and don't bow hunt public land.

I used these steps in high traffic public land to have trees ready to climb with my lock-on without John Q Public knowing about my places.

I have 10 steps, 54 bolts, a speed handle with socket welded on for installing the step bolts and a pouch my wife sewed up to hold the steps quietly.

Skyhook had a recall on their bolts a while back, all of mine are the good ones not subject to the recall.

I pay shipping I pay shipping in the CONUS only.


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Posted by sleepyhollow (Member # 58) on :
Twenty to start
Posted by Eric Krewson (Member # 229) on :
I don't remember what the weight limit on these steps is, I am thinking it was 225lb but am not sure. Let's say 200# to be on the safe side. I only used these steps a half dozen times or so.
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Posted by OBXarcher (Member # 12270) on :
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Following the incremental increase in bids, let's move it up to the next increment [goldtooth]
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Originally posted by FoCoBlackWidow:

Posted by Walt Francis (Member # 1901) on :
Payment Received form FoCoBlacWidow.

Jordan, thanks for helping the kid's!

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