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Posted by Doug Campbell (Member # 269) on :
First off I want to thank everybody for contributing, bidding, or helping in any way with the Auction. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a great cause and I’m honored to do my small part in helping them find cures for childhood disease. I’d also like to thank Trad Gang for allowing and supporting this charitable auction.

ALL Bid forums will open Thursday June 1st at 6 PM Eastern.

CLOSE DATES Bid Forums 1 - 4:

Forum 1 - Thursday June 8th - close at 10 PM Eastern

Forum 2 - Friday June 9th - close at 10 PM Eastern

Forum 3 - Saturday June 10th - close at 10 PM Eastern

Forum 4 - Sunday June 11th - close at 10 PM Eastern

The 10:00 PM closing means that your bid must be time stamped 9:59 to count. If there is a tie bid during the last minute, the 1st one to bid the tie amount will be the winner.

The last bid before the 10:00 PM deadline each night will determine the winner. We’ve had a few complaints about sniping and such but I guess if it will bother you to get out-bid at the last second you had better bid high enough to make it painful for the sniper. Everything possible is being done to avoid a system crash again but I'd suggest bidding early cause there aint no guarantees.

Alright here we go…

List your donations on the "Listing Forum", follow the instructions at the top. Don’t forget to state if you are covering shipping to the winner or not.

Please keep an eye on your listing(s) during the auction so you can answer questions if needed.

After the Auction you will need to communicate with the winner and make arrangements for getting the item to the winner after payment is made.

Please, no 3rd party listings.


If your interested in an item just post your bids like you were posting on a thread in Pow-Wow or anywhere else.

I'm going to ask you to please stick to these minimum bid increments again this year. While it might be fun to bid in very small increments but it is a real nightmare at the end of the auction. Thanks
Items up to $10 -- .50
Items $10 - $100 -- $1
Items over $100 -- $5

After the Auction

OK guys and gals here’s what is gonna happen. At the deadline we will lock down all the threads then we'll go thru and list the winners with totals. Please be patient.

You will need to pay via paypal, check or M/O, written to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital As we receive payments we’ll post on the thread, "payment received" and that it’s OK to ship items. The winner and donor will need to be in contact with each other to make sure everything happens the way it’s supposed to. You can click on each other's handle and either email or PM from the Profile screen.

Paying for your treasures -

Please note If payment is not received within a couple weeks, unless ya got a pretty good excuse the next highest bidder will have the option of paying for the item. I don't want to hurt the Kid's total $ but stringing the payments out over a month or two really disrupts things.

There's a couple ways to settle up after the auction and I'd really appreciate being done within a couple weeks. Please include you real name, TG handle, LINK TO THREAD(S)and all Auction info with correspondence.

You can pay with check or M/O written to St Jude Children's Research Hospital, (please do not write them to me or Trad Gang) and mailed to

Walt Francis
2991 Lily DR
Bozeman, MT 59718

Or you can pay via Click on the link and log in or register then click on "Send Money" enter in the "pay to" space, be sure to reference "Trad Gang St Jude Auction" then just follow the instructions. When making you payment you can choose two options "Pay for Goods and Services" or "Send money to Friends and Family". Under the G&S option St Jude will be charged the PayPal fees, under the F&F option you will be responsible for any fees depending on you payment method.

Please give us all the info from your particular auction, reference Trad Gang ST Jude Auction, item, donor, both your name and TG handle . With a few hundred items it gets real confusing for this ol country boy.

Have fun, Bid high, Bid often!!

Thanks from the Kids!

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